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Drug Reimbursement & Patient Assistance Programs

ANCO acknowledges the assistance of Lash Group Healthcare Consultants for their help in compiling this information. For general assistance information, also visit:

Association of Community Cancer Centers

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

Chronic Disease Fund

HealthWell Foundation

National Organization for Rare Disorders


Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Patient Advocate Foundation

Patient Services Incorporated



ANCO Corporate Member
Drug Reimbursement & Patient Assistance Programs
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to their Drug Reimbursement & Patient Assisitance Programs)

Agendia • AMAG Pharmaceuticals • AMGENARIAD Pharmaceuticals
Astellas OncologyBayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals/Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Biodesix • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals • Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology
Cardinal Health Specialty SolutionsCelgene • Daiichi Sankyo • Dendreon • DfineEisai • eviti
Genentech BioOnoclogyGenomic Health • Genoptix Medical Laboratory • Helsinn Oncology • Incyte • Innovatix • Janssen Biotech • Lilly OncologyMcKesson Specialty Health
MedImmune, Specialty Care Division of AstraZeneca
MedivationMerckMillenniumNovartis Oncology
Oncology Supply/International Oncology Network • Onyx Pharmaceuticals • Pfizer Oncology 
ProStrakan • Sanofi OncologySeattle GeneticsSpectrum PharmaceuticalsTeva Oncology

AMGEN Assist
(888) 427-7478;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
AMGEN Assist gives patients and healthcare professionals a single destination for access to eService and online forms, and makes it easier to find a program that would best meet each patient’s unique needs, including coverage and reimbursement services, co-pay support information, and assistance for uninsured patients. Please contact (888) 4ASSIST (888-427-7478)), or visit www.amgenassistonline.com.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
(855) 447-PASS (855-447-7277);
FAX (855) 557-PASS (855-557-7277; for ARIAD PASS enrollment forms);
5:00AM-5:00PM Pacific Time
www.ariadpass.com (to download ARIAD PASS enrollment forms)
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals is pleased to introduce ARIAD Patient Access & Support Services (ARIAD PASS) to provivde comprehensive services allowing patients to access, afford, and adhere to treatment on ARIAD products. ARIAD PASS can provide assistance by offering reimbursement services where counselors are available to assist with prior authorization, reimbursement information, as well as patient and copay assistance programs for patients and healthcare practitioners. ARIAD PASS also offers dedicated oncology-certified nurses available to assist patients with treatment support, disease education, and referrals to other socioeconomic support programs, upon request.

Astellas Oncology
(888) 249-4918;
This hotline provides medical information and patient assistance.

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals/Onyx Pharmaceuticals
REACH Program for Nexavar and NexConnect
(866) NEXAVAR (639-2827);
FAX (866) 639-5181;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
A REACH Program counselor can provide reimbursement support and patient services, including insurance information, finding/providing patient assistance, and referring the patient to a specialty pharmacy.

(855) 6XOFIGO (696-3446);
FAX (855) 963-4463;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time

Patient assistance and general information is available for Xofigo.


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Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology
(800) 861-0048;
FAX (888) 776-2370;
8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
(Reimbursement specialists available live Monday through Friday)
All Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology products
Bristol-Myers Squibb Access/Support provides prior authorization assistance, appeals assistance, benefits investigation, general reimbursement guidance, and patient assistance.

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Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
Cardinal Health e-Recovery Program
(reimbursement solution tool);
(access to all Cardinal services)
Taking advantage of patient assistance and copay assistance programs is a full-time job. Our solutions are there to help save you time and money. Community practices like yours spend a significant amount of time every day helping patients find ways to offset the rising costs of cancer care. Accessing patient assistance programs (PAPs) for cancer and supportive care drugs is important, but takes so much time. Keeping up with all the changes in program requirements and forms, tracking applications and drug replacement are an incredible burden. Layered on top of that are all the emerging copay assistance programs. The Cardinal Health e-Recovery Program provides a web-based tool to make it all so much easier. Our team has the experience to help you make sure you don't miss any opportunities to help your patients access all the available programs out there.

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Celgene Patient Support
(800) 931-8691;
5:00AM-4:00PM Pacific Time
Celgene Patient Support provides a dedicated, central point of contact for patients and healthcare professionals who use Celgene products. Celgene Patient Support is a free service that helps patients and healthcare professionals navigate the challenges of reimbursement, providing information about co-pay assistance, and answering questions about obtaining Celgene products.

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Dfine is the developer of minimally invasive radiofrequency (RF) targeted therapies for the treatment of vertebral pathologies. Our devices are built on an extensible RF platform that currently covers two procedural applications: the treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) with the StabiliT Vertebral Augmentation System, and the palliative treatment of metastatic vertebral body lesions with the STAR Tumor Ablation System. Both systems represent generational advancements in the minimally invasive treatment of vertebral pathologies. Dfine is dedicated to relieving pain and improving the quality of life for patients suffering from vertebral pathologies through innovative, minimally invasive therapies.

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Eisai Reimbursement Assistance Program
(866) 613-4724;
FAX (866) 573-4724;
Fragmin FAX (866) 272-8805;
8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
Aloxi, Dacogen, Fragmin, Gliadel, Halaven, Hexalen, Ontak, Panretin, and Targretin
The Eisai Reimbursement Assistance Program provides patient assistance and reimbursement support for Aloxi, Dacogen, Fragmin, Gliadel, Halaven, Hexalen, Ontak, Panretin, and Targretin. A customer service representative will assist with Eisai product information, patient assistance programs for uninsured and ingident patients, reimbursement questions, prior authorizations, insurance verifications, referral to co-pay assistance programs, billing/coding questions, appeal assistance, and referral to disease-state assistance programs.

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Compare treatment options side-by-side based on efficacy, toxicity, and cost, with eviti|Advisor. The web-based system includes 1,500+ evidence-based treatment regimens; all modalities for 120+ cancer types; 10,000+ clinical trials; and, expected survival rates, treatment costs, and toxicities for all regimens. The regimen knowledge base is comprised of medical and radiation treatment options from all major published peer-reviewed literature; oncology associations such as NCCN, ASCO, ASH, ASTRO; and, government agencies such as FDA, NCI, and others; and, is maintained by a full-time team of oncology and clinical informatics professionals and a medical advisory board of nationally recognized oncology experts. Eviti|Advisor provides real-time accessibility and actionable information for fast, informed, treatment plan review and decisions—all at no charge to practicing oncologists. Learn more at www.eviti.com; for assistance, please contact eviti at (888) 678-0990 or evitisupport@eviti.com.

Genentech BioOncology
Genentech Access Solutions
(888) 249-4918;
Avastin, Erivedge, Herceptin, Perjeta, Rituxan, Tarceva, Xeloda, Zelboraf
Genentech Access Solutions
provides one-stop access to a broad array of reimbursement information, and support and services for patients so that they can focus on treatment. In addition to providing information about co-pay assistance through independent public charities, Genentech Access Solutions can also help with common reimbursement challenges, insurance appeals and coverage denials, and referrals to the Genentech Access to Care Foundation.

Avastin Patient Assistance Program
(888) 249-4918;
FAX (888) 249-4919;
6:00AM-5:00PM Pacific Time
The Avastin Patient Assistance Program is designed to limit the overall annual cost of Avastin for eligible patients receiving treatment for FDA-approved indications. Participation in the Program provides a voluntary opportunity for physicians and eligible patients who reach an annual charge of 10,000mg to receive free Avastin from Genentech for the remainder of the 12-month period. The Program is open to all patients receiving Avastin (regardless of insurance coverage) with a household adjusted gross income of up to $100,000. Patients must be receiving Avastin for an FDA-approved indication.

(800) 443-6676;
8:30AM-5:00PM Eastern Time
Kytril, Roferon-A, Vesanoid, Xeloda
offers a range of reimbursement and literature search services, including third-party payer reimbursement information, coverage and benefits verification, billing codes and claims procedures, assistance with appeals, clinical literature searches, and enrollment information for Roche’s Medical Needs Program.

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Genomic Health
Genomic Access Program (GAP)
(866) ONCOTYPE (662-6897);
Oncotype Dx
Genomic Health has established the Genomic Access Program (GAP) to provide financial and administrative support to patients ordering the Oncotype DX assay. The GAP program was established to assist qualified patients gain access to Oncotype DX and to help patients and physicians with the entire reimbursement process. GAP is made up of dedicated professionals who advocate on a patient’s behalf by working with physicians’ offices and insurance companies to facilitate access to Oncotype DX. In addition, GAP provides various comprehensive financial assistance programs for patients with financial hardship, uninsured patients, and underinsured patients based on eligibility. While GAP directly supports the patient, it also works with physicians’ offices to provide individualized assistance and support with every claim. GAP services are available at physician or patient request, do not require pre-registration, and can be accessed at any time before, during, or after you have ordered the Oncotype DX assay. Genomic Health is prepared to bill insurance plans directly on behalf of insured patients whose physician orders an Oncotype DX assay. Through GAP, the patient’s physician can request a Benefits Investigation to confirm whether the patient’s insurance plan is active and obtain available benefits information specific for Oncotype DX. Some insurers require a prior authorization before processing the patient’s specimen; the GAP team can also help facilitate this process. In the event that a payer denies an Oncotype DX claim, GAP representatives will identify the reasons and advocate on the patient’s behalf. For additional information, visit www.OncotypeDX.com.

(855) 4-Jakafi (855-452-5234);
FAX: (855) 525-7207;
6:00AM-5:00PM Pacific Time
is pleased to introduce Jakafi, the first and only JAK inhibitor for the treatment of intermediate or high-risk primary myelofibrosis, post-polycythemia vera myelofibrosis, and post-essential thrombocythemia myelofibrosis. Reimbursement services are offered through IncyteCares, and counselors are available to assist with prior authorization, reimbursement information, patient and copay assistance programs and education and support services for patients and healthcare practitioners.

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Janssen Biotech
The Centocor Access One website provides reimbursement and patient support for Doxil, Procrit, and Zytiga.

(800) 609-1083;
FAX (800) 987-5572;
8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
provides access to reimbursement information and support—patient assistance program to patients without insurance coverage (based on financial need); access to insurance guidelines for private, federal, and state plans; verification of insurance coverage; and, coding and billing assistance.

Procrit Line
(800) 553-3851;
FAX (800) 987-5572;
8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
Leustatin, Procrit
provides easy access to reimbursement information and support—patient assistance program to patients without insurance coverage (based on financial need), coding and billing assistance, verification of insurance coverage, and assistance with appeals.

Zytiga One Support
(855) Zytiga (998-4421);
8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
Zytiga One Support provides support services for Zytiga.

Lilly Oncology
Lilly PatientOne
(866) 4PatOne;
FAX (888) 242-6230
(Patient Assistance Applications);
FAX (877) 366-0585
(Reimburement Assistance Applications)
Alimta, Gemzar
Lilly Oncology’s PatientOne program provides reliable and individualized treatment support that addresses financial, access, and claim issues for patients who are candidates for Lilly’s oncology products. More information is available at www.lillypatientone.com/index.jsp.

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McKesson Specialty Health
(866) 686-8340
The McKesson Specialty Health group purchasing organization (GPO), represents more than 2,800 member clinics, and over 4,600 physicians nationwide. Onmark helps its members save money, increase efficiency, stay informed, and deliver high-quality care by offering a wide variety of services, including:

Robust Contract Portfolio offering significant savings on the most widely-used chemotherapy, biologic, and supportive care agents.

 • Cutting-edge Educational Programs covering clinical, practice management, and legislative topics.

Innovative Business and Clinical Solutions designed to help practices standardize and improve patient care through every step of the treatment process.

Integrated Quality (IQ) Program that helps Lynx Mobile users succeed with quality initiatives and earn money paid as account credit to be use for technology.

Regimen Profiler, a web-based tool that helps practices and patients understand financial and clinical information for many disease treatment regimens.

Clinical Trial Network, providing national clinical trial opportunities in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials of investigational cancer treatments.

McKesson Specialty Health empowers physicians in the community treatment setting to focus on patient care by providing distribution, technology, clinical, and educational solutions that improve profitability, maximize practice efficiencies, and reduce administrative burden, including:

Best-in-class distribution services to ensure patients receive their drugs on time.

The Lynx technology platform that helps thousands of clinics provide efficient, high-quality patient care and continually evolves to help practices succeed in the changing world of healthcare.

McKesson Specialy Health Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that offers significant savings through its leading contract portfolio, as well as online business and clinical tools for the entire staff.

• Its
expert clinical team that is dedicated to creating relevant clinical tools and educational programs designed to help practices deliver high-quality patient care.

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MedImmune, Specialty Care Division of AstraZeneca
AstraZeneca Cancer Support Network (AZCSN)
(866) 992-9276;
FAX (866) 279-0709;
8:00AM-6:00PM Eastern Time
AZCSN Patient Access Support for Arimidex, Casodex, Faslodex, and Zoladex screens for eligibility for a patient assistance program; verifies prescription drug coverage; identifies alternative coverage sources; and, assists with prior authorization procedures.

AstraZeneca Reimbursement Assistance is available at (877) 674-7140 for Faslodex and Zoladex. A team of reimbursement specialists is available to assist with information on coding, coverage, and payment.

Vandetaib Patient Access Support (VPAS) is assessed before the prescription is filled at Biologics at (800) 367-4999.

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Xtandi Access Services
(855) 8XTANDI (898-2634);
Xtandi Access Serivces offers an array of resources to help facilitate product coverage and payment, and to ensure that your patients can access Xtandi. Xtandi Access Services can: answer your questions about reimbursement, coverage, and payment for Xtandi; help you and your staff verify insurance requirements and track prior authorizations; provide assistance to you and your staff when prior authorizations are denied or when a patient’s insurer does not cover Xtandi; help you coordinate with a specialty pharmacy within our network that is contracted with your patient’s insurers to dispense Xtandi; determine whether your patients are eligible for patient or financial assistance for out-of-pocket costs associated with Xtandi; provide you with 24/7 access to status updates on your requests for patient assistance via our eService at www.astellasaccess.com; and, direct your patients to additional information about Xtandi treatment..

The ACT Program
(866) 363-6379;
8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
The ACT Program can help answer your questions related to insurance coverage and reimbursement. Proram specialists can also refer patients to the patient assistance program.

Velcade Reimbursement Assistance Program (VRAP)
(866) VELCADE, Option #2;
5:00AM-5:00PM Pacific Time
has developed this reimbursement resource website as a tool to help physicians understand the healthcare insurance environment for Velcade. While payers generally reimburse for Velcade, it is the details that dictate coverage for each individual patient’s healthcare. This website provides general guidance regarding steps to support appropriate reimbursement and patient access to Velcade treatment. The VRAP line can also assist with benefit investigation and transportation assistance.

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Novartis Oncology
Oncology Access Now
Reimbursement Hotline
(800) 282-7630;
Patient Assistance Programs
(866) 884-5906
Novartis is committed to providing access to its medicines for those most in need. Through a variety of resources, including the Novartis Oncology Patient Assistance Program, the Novartis Oncology Reimbursement Hotline, and our support of independent Charitable Copay foundations, Novartis has made a firm commitment to enable patients in need to access medicines. Visit www.oncologyaccessnow.com for complete patient assistance, reimbursement, and clinical trial information.

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Oncology Supply/ION
(888) 536-7697
OS/ION offers a unique value to pharmaceutical companies, service providers, and physician practices. Access provided by OS/ION empowers health care providers and industry companies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of health care delivery to patients while enabling them to satisfy their respective missions. The collective portfolio of services and solutions from OS/ION include OS/ION Coding Workshops, monthly Web/teleconference workshops specifically for OS/ION members, which address pertinent topics such as basic coding rules and standards, and evaluation and management documentation requirements; OS/ION Medical Advisory Panel (MAP), comprising industry thought leaders with collective expertise in disease states, community-based practice, and business administration with an ongoing mission to deliver quality pharmaceutical products to patients as well as creative practice solutions to physicians; OS/ION Protocol Analyzer, a preloaded software program, complete with standard drug pricing from Oncology Supply and CMS’s most recent reimbursement data, which is available online at www.iononline.com, and calculates the overall cost of delivering chemotherapy in the practice; the OS/ION Pharmacy & Dispensing Program, with two distinct drug dispensing models that can be used to distribute medication for payment under the pharmacy benefits portion of a patient’s insurance and enables close analysis of each practice’s prescription-writing habits to determine which model is most suitable for use; OS/ION Practice Reimbursement Series, a series of reimbursement webinars that are designed to help network members stay abreast of breaking issues related to reimbursement and how it impacts them; OS/ION Vital Reimbursement Resources, a feature on the OS/ION Web site through which members are directed to an array of reimbursement material including CMS and Medicare enrollment forms, and timely news updates pertaining to reimbursement and legislation are posted in this section; and the overall OS/ION GPO Function, whereby the country’s largest diversified services organization for the community-based practitioner is designed to contract directly with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to support their products within the organization’s membership.

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Pfizer Oncology
First Resource
(877) 744-5675;
FAX (800) 708-3430;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
Aromasin, Bosulif, Camptosar, Ellence, Emcyt, Idamycin, Inlyta, Neumega, Sutent, Torisel, Xalkori, Zinecard
First Resource
is a reimbursement support service and patient assistance program designed to help eligible patients get the Pfizer medicines they need. The program assists patients with reimbursement support services, appeals process information, and—in some cases—finding alternative funding assistance, while helping patients understand their coverage options. Through the First Resource patient assistance program, eligible patients may also be able to get some Pfizer medicines for free. A First Resource representative will help determine a patient’s eligibility.

Sutent Patient Call Center
(877) 5SUTENT;
8:00AM-7:00PM Central Time
The Sutent Patient Call Center is staffed by trained oncology certified nurse consultants who can give general information about Sutent treatment and potential side effects.

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Sanofi Oncology
Sanofi Patient Connection
(888) visitSPC (847-4877);
FAX (888) 847-1797;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
As part of Sanofi's commitment to comprehensive disease management we offer resources to help healthcare professionals provide care for their patients. Sanofi Patient Connection is a program that includes patient assistance and reimbursement services to help take the challenge out of gaining access to Sanofi products for patients in need. Visit the Sanofi Patient Connection website for additional information or call (888) visitSPC.

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Seattle Genetics
SeaGen Secure
(855) 4SEAGEN (855-473-2436, Option 1);
FAX: (855) 557-2480;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
SeaGen Secure is a comprehensive reimbursement support hotline and patient assistance program for Adcetris. Reimbursement counselors are available to provide coverage, coding and reimbursement information in addition to case management for our patient assistance programs. Patient assistance is available to uninsured and underinsured patients that have been prescribed Adcetris. Eligibility for patient assistance is based on gross family household income, residency and diagnosis. Additional program services include benefit investigations, assistance with underpaid/denied claims, Adcetris policy information and alternate funding research.

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Spectrum Pharmaceuticals
Zevalin RESULTS Program
(866) 298-8433, option 4;

The Zevalin RESULTS Program is serviced by experienced reimbursement experts who work directly with providers and payers to ensure that all participants are aware of the most up-to-date issues relevant to coverage and reimbursement for more accurate claims processing according to payer-specific guidelines. The Program offers benefit verification, prior authorization assistance, coding and (proper) completion of claims forms, claims tracking/appeal assistance, an Uninsured Patient Assistance Program, and a Copay Assistance Program (for commercial insurance patients only). The Uninsured Patient Assistance Program is administered through the RESULTS team. It researches available state or advocacy group funded programs. If a patient’s application (required) is approved, then Spectrum will provide both patient ready doses free of charge.

Fusilev STAR Program
(888) 537-8277;
The Fusilev STAR Program helps you and your patients gain access to Fusilev. Program representatives provide you with the following reimbursement and patient assistance services: payor-specific coverage, billing, and coding information after treatment decision is made; benefit verification with individual patient’s insurance plan; prior authorization when required by the insurer; appeals assistance for denied benefits up to the highest level of appeal; and, sample appeal package including letter templates and supporting medical literature for provider offices. The STAR Program also provides Fusilev to uninsured or underinsured patients who meet the program eligibility guideline free of charge. Specifically, our representatives: review Patient Assistance Program (PAP) requests and conduct financial screenings to qualify patients in need; case manage each patient on PAP; arrange delivery of product shipments; identify alternate coverage and resources for patients who have insurance but need additional assistance such as Medicaid, copayment foundation, supplemental insurance coverage, or other assistance programs; and, manage drug replacement program for commercial payors only. When calling the STAR Program, please have the following information ready: physician’s name, address, phone number, provider ID, and NPI number; patient’s name, date of birth, address, and SSN; insurance company’s name, phone number, and address; name of policy holder; policy ID number and group number; and, patient diagnosis.

Folotyn ASAP Program
(877) ASAP102 (272-7102);

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Teva Oncology
CORE (Comprehensive Oncology Reimbursement Expertise)
(888) 587-3263;
FAX (866) 676-4073;
9:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
CORE provides support for branded Teva Oncology products. Teva Oncology support programs are designed to help patients and healthcare providers navigate the reimbursement landscape with resources aimed at clarifying issues and assisting with the claims process. Specific assistance includes benefit verification and coverage determination, policy benefits and limitations, personalized support through the claims process, and appeals support. Teva Oncology also partners with groups like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society who have programs designed to help patients access the treatments they need. In addition, the CephalonCares Foundation, through offers its Patient Assistance Programs, provides branded Teva Oncology medications at no cost to patients who meet certain insurance and income criteria. Eligibility is based on a patient’s income and prescription insurance status. Visit www.cephaloncares.com or call (877) 237-4881 to learn more about the CephalonCares Foundation.